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Digitization And Automation: The Key To Business Growth?

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Digitization is at the absolute core of our existence and has been so even before Covid-19 restricted our workspace to our home work-desks. From smartphones to smart cars to smart appliances, nearly all aspects of our daily lives are governed by some degree of #automation. Automation helps with digitizing repetitive tasks that one is faced with in their daily business helping the human resource to contribute in more effective and strategic ways to the growth of the company.

In this world of remote working, digitization is absolutely essential, be it in managing employee output, or bringing the physical business to an online portal. IT/System Solution Companies help us do that and more. Businesses can achieve optimal utilization of all available resources by encompassing this aspect of business within theirs. Automating HR processes yield high performing #intellectualcapital and build more efficient teams. Time lost in manual processes are cut down which leave businesses with opportunities to further their workings speedily.

Some HR processes that successful companies automate are payrolls, timesheets, benefits, records, recruitments, and so on. Start ups should also incorporate these within their workings in order for expedited growth.

Companies that already have these in place might wonder what is in it for them to explore further. Well, the present world has brought right to our attention the glaring loopholes in our digitization of businesses. From sputtering e-commerce to remote meetings, the lack of digital infrastructure has hindered companies from functioning as usual.

IT and system solutions companies seek out such loopholes, adding value to the business. Companies have reported #growth in revenue and business of almost 25-30% when such measures are put in place. Increased #productivity has also been noted as a ripple effect. The whole procedure also reduces error margin and security risks, that may otherwise be posed by a human resource managing it. Thus, decision making becomes more precise, adding tremendous #value to the company.

Some may argue that AI and automation are the reason why jobs for human resources are on decline, but my argument is that machines don’t replace humans; they merely make working easier. To make processes faster and more documented, most companies are supplementing their employees with these softwares that help their work to be digitally viable.

Lastly, significant reduction of costs incurred is pushing businesses to delve into digitization of their processes. Automation is just one of the methods; there’s much more value that your system solutions partner may be able to add to your business.

I urge you to seek consultation from a system solutions partner to understand how you can help add value to your company. Do you think digitization and automation are the way to grow seamlessly in a world like ours today? Let me know in the comments section.

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